Kintsugi: The craft of creating robust futures

What’s in a name? Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese craft of repairing broken ceramics with precious metals whereby the resulting product is more beautiful than the original: the imperfection makes it perfect. Our name comes from our work with a Japanese Kintsugi Artist – where we together created “Electronic Kintsugi”. We are a design and technology studio specializing in meaningful design and technology focusing on identity, significance, purpose in the long term. We’re repairing the cracks, and making more robust and beautiful futures. 
We help our customers prototype meaningful and strategic futures.

"An expert in extracting and uncovering meaningful user needs, fixing a world filled with tech products that almost immediately get replaced after they hit the store shelves."

Johan Pedersen
Smart Home & Consumer IoT at Silicon Labs

"An ideal mind-set for developing tomorrow's solutions for society and individuals."

Jesper Buris Larsen
CEO, Danish Museum for Science and Technology

"Absolutely brilliant, informative, clear, insightful and holistic!".

Noé Bhandari
Fabrication Specialist at SPACE10

We prototype and create meaningful, strategic futures. Here's how we do it:

3 months to create prototypes, explore emerging technologies and design your future.

Using tomorrow’s technologies to evaluate and explore possible futures with users in context.

We believe that the future of technology is to empower humanity. We call this Designing for Meaningfulness.

Challenging the status quo and thoughtfully pushing boundaries through advising, sparring, and coaching.

Meet Creative Minds

Our studio is more than one person or one place. It is a network built over 15 years of creative explorers who push the boundaries of design, technology, art and products. We have different cultural and designerly ways of experiencing the world and this gives us a unique perspective. A member of the Kintsugi Design Collective joins a project based on their individual strengths, giving you the best team possible for your project.

Inventor, Digital Fabrication

IT Developer and Technology Literacy Advocate

Designer & Concept Development

Design Technologist

Hardware and Business Development

Let's solve your challenge, together.

You may or may not know what you want to create, and that’s okay. Whether it’s a hardware prototype to explore a new technological future, or a business strategy to drive your company forward, or it’s just that the concept of meaningfulness resonates with you and you want to ensure your product or service addresses identify, purpose and significance in life, then you’re in the right place.

We’re used to working with everyone from a one person startup to multi-national industry giants. No matter your background, we always start with a chat where we discuss your ambitions and challenges.

We are interdisciplinary

What sets us apart are our backgrounds which span industry, academia, art, and maker/hacker spaces – we are essentially industry-neutral yet have extensive experience in a variety of industries. By drawing knowledge from a variety of domains, we get deeper and more relevant insights into future possibilities.

Design research to explore futures

Technology experimentation and insights

Finding out what the real problem is and solving it with design

Insights and Information
Kickstart your future

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