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Sensing the Sunshine

Using a UV Light Sensor Breakout, VEML6075 from Sparkfun, one can detect the amount of UV light something is receiving. In my research for “Designing for Meaningfulness” I named four physical characteristics – the Manifestations of Meaningfulness. One of these was Everyday Objects. I wanted to investigate how I might utilize an everyday object to indicate when there has been too much sunlight. This flower was chosen as a first, early mockup as it has an RGB LED as its stem. When there is too much UV light, the flower lights up in a variety of colours. When the UV levels are below the threshold, then it is off, and just a beautiful silk flower.

What can this be used for? People, objects, pets – you name it!

Sunlight is incredibly lovely to sit in, for a little while, but if you happen to be curtains which are sensitive and might get bleached from the sunlight, or a person who may receive a sunburn, it might be nice to have an indicator of when to get out of the light.

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