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Kintsugi Design

Electronic Component Jewellery

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and we’re reflecting on gifts from years past, and remembered these two amazing gifts – a Lizard and a Butterfly created by Dzl.

These were created by a process of CNC routing the base shape (butterfly and lizard) out of printed circuit board material (PCB), which is copper-clad epoxy fibreglass. Individual surface mount components were soldered on, one by one, to create the shape and texture of the two creatures. By using soldering, the components could be moved if they weren’t ideal in their placement.

“It was an interesting process to place the components, because while placing each one, you would look at the emerging creature and explore what would make it more realistic. It was a project I came back to again and again over months to complete”

explains Dzl.

While not functional, these beautiful pieces are unique geek-jewellery and are greatly treasured. They were housed in a custom CNC’ed wooden box, which complemented the shape of the creature, so when the gift receiver opened the box, they were presented with the creature in its wooden home.

Many thanks to Dzl ( for these beautiful pieces.