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In the spirit of Kintsugi, we help companies to embrace their history as they explore their potential, creating incredible and robust futures.


Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics or pottery with precious metals. It is a labour intensive process done by skilled and highly educated crafts people, where an eye for detail, patience, and creativity are required in equal parts. By repairing a broken object with visible traces of gold or silver, Kintsugi respects the history, the failures of the object, and allows for it to become even more precious than it was before.

Designing new futures, whether for humanity, technology or both, requires a similar approach, a kind and thoughtful hand to gently, but firmly change the status quo to become something worth cherishing for the decades to come.

Studio information

Our studio is more than one person or one place. It is a network built over 15 years of creative explorers who push the boundaries of design, technology, art and products. We work together to create unique solutions and learn from a variety of disciplines and cultural backgrounds. Our headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Phone: +45 28 64 45 29


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Inventor, Digital Fabrication

IT Developer and Technology Literacy Advocate

Designer & Concept Development

Design Technologist

Hardware and Business Development

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