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The Kintsugi Design Collective

Our studio is more than one person or one place. It is a network built over 15 years of creative explorers who push the boundaries of design, technology, art and products.

We have different cultural and designerly ways of experiencing the world and this gives us a unique perspective: we come into the projects which make most sense for each of our strengths  – giving you the best team possible for your project.

A Global Perspective on Design and Technology

Our members come from across the globe and currently include our headquarters in Copenhagen and designers, developers, engineers, artists, and creatives in cities including New York, Bangalore, Reykjavik, London, and Vancouver.


Copenhagen, Denmark


Phone: +45 28 64 45 29


Meet the Collective

Inventor, Digital Fabrication

IT Developer and Technology Literacy Advocate

Designer & Concept Development

Design Technologist

Hardware and Business Development

Design Thinking, Concept Development

Intern, Techociologist

Intern, femtech researcher

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