Storytelling & Energy In Nationalpark Thy

As part of a project with the group Alien Energy, we created these walking sticks to tell the tale of unseen energy in the area of Hanstholm, Denmark. Alien Energy wrote the script and we created wooden orbs containing electronics that played sound files when the walking sticks (sticks from the Danish National Park Thy) were held up to a sign on the walking route.


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Project Description (From Alien Energy):

The walk begins at Færgegrillen, Hanstholm Havn, on the northwest coast of Jutland. There you can borrow a beautiful, carved wooden, digital walking stick. From there you can immerse yourself in the experience of walking the grassy sand dunes, and harbour-side. The walking sticks are carved from the wood of the nearby Thy National Park. Integrated into the digital walking stick is an audio player and headphones – technology that has been handcrafted for the project by GeekPhysical. Guided by a digital walking stick, visitors are taken on a 40-minute experience of energy at the edge.


The walk is in six chapters, marked by posts that you encounter in the landscape. When you touch the walking stick against the posts, a voice will start guiding you through the landscape.

Client: Alien Energy