Meaningful Careers

Sometimes, the most important innovation happens within. As part of the Meaningful Careers workshop with IDA, we took the framework of Designing for Meaningful Smart Products and applied it to careers, looking at values, priorities and purpose. We examined how bias and conditioning play a role in how we see ourselves, and our career options. We used the framework of People-to-People, Person-to-Self, and People-to-Time to explore our journeys and how this shapes our perceptions of what we’d really, truly like to do with our lives. We also had some great feedback: “god interaktiv workshop, med en sp├Žndende vinkel til karrieret├Žnkning” (good interactive workshop, with an exciting angle for career thinking), “The event helped me very much to reflect upon the choices I make and why I make them.”, “The questions were very relevant and helpful to figuring out and plan my career.”. Thank you to the participants for your vulnerability and willingness to critically question yourselves, and grow.