Neon Playground

Creating a space for youth aged 15 – 20 to congregate, and feel like they belong, is no easy task. OP & NED, a Danish company redefining space in the city for children, focused on the problem that there are playgrounds for children and cafes, clubs and other places for adults, but no particular outdoor space for youth to ‘hang out’. As a result, youth are often stigmatized as trouble makers hanging out in groups around the city, when really, they just don’t have a place to call their own. This project was done in collaboration with Urbanistas who led the research on loneliness. Together, we created a “Neon Playground” for the youth to hang out at with interactive objects such as a see-saw for six people which would light up when in motion. The Neon Playground was designed for Roskilde Festival 2020.