Prototyping Innovation Workshop

We were invited to do a workshop with a large shipping company to explore and demonstrate how prototyping can propel an innovation cycle forward. Through a series of exercises including body storming, critical feedback, iteration, and imagining alternatives, we demonstrated the importance of rapid prototyping to gain learnings quickly and cheaply. We also focused on how a ‘half-baked’ product can be good enough for user traction instead of developing a full blown product on first attempt and how to use co-creation to build on one another’s ideas and perceptions. We had a lot of fun and using examples from Google, SPACEX, and others, we related our learnings from the day to industry practices.


What’s going on in the photo, you wonder? Body Storming! We explored how independent farmers might use sustainable automation practices to increase their output and solved some of the roadblocks using quick, iterative explorations via body storming. In this way, we disassociated from the technology challenges and focused on the context, people, and processes and what might be possible in the future of automation.


A large shipping company