Prototyping new services – Remotely

As part of our work in “Fremtiden Nu” we helped Mouritsen A/S in rapidly and iteratively prototyping a new tool which they could use while conducing workshops with their customers. Due to the restrictions during COVID-19, we adapted our workshops to be online. This gave us the opportunity to explore possibilities in prototyping remotely, using Miro.

The prototyping process was one of the biggest learnings for me during the Fremtiden Nu project.” – Pieter Mouritsen, Mouritsen A/S

Through a series of online sessions together we co-created the tool, and using the principles of rapid, iterative prototyping, Mouritsen A/S tested it with a smaller, internal user group before moving on to test with a larger, external group.


Kintsugi Design specializes in prototyping and in-context or remote user evaluations – learn more here.

With Mouritsen A/S we developed a tool which could be used both internally and externally to facilitate knowledge exchange and learning; and to develop more sustainable practices in the future of production.