The Jeans Ball

A strange sight – a massive ball of 1500 pairs of jeans, attracted many visitors at the beautiful train station of Copenhagen Central to promote ONLY Jeans.


ONLY Jeans asked event organizer Zep to create a giant ball of jeans to promote their brand. We built the electronics for the project and found a way to attach and release the 1500 pairs of jeans to a giant metal ball commissioned for the event. Amidst stage fog, a DJ’s music, flashing lights, and eager screams from the crowds, the jeans came off the ball in a dramatic gesture, and were then picked up by hundreds of happy ONLY fans.


This project is part of a series of work we did with GeekPhysical. We helped companies around the world to create incredible, memorable experiences, experimenting at the forefront of technology, sensors, and human-computer interaction”.

Client: ONLY Jeans