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Everyone and every situation is different. So are our services.

We focus on finding out your why, so we can craft the most beneficial offer which results in a clear return on investment. Whether you are exploring a new area, designing a new technology or product experience, proving yourself as a thought leader, or setting up a smart strategy for your future, we've got you. Here's an introduction to the areas we work in:

Designer in
Residence Program

The Designer in Residence creates opportunities for industry to experiment, explore and set a trajectory for future offerings using new and emerging technologies and design practices. Through a 3 month residency, companies, together with the Designer in Residence, create prototypes, expand narratives of their strategies and futures, establishing themselves as future thought leaders.



Many people have been attributed with stating that the way to predict the future is to create it. At Kintsugi Design, we work with industry, academia and the art world to experiment with future technologies. We understand these future technologies and we design experiences around them to positively impact people and society.


We go way beyond desktop research and search engines. We often literally put ourselves in other’s shoes to experience their daily routines and begin to define the problems they are facing. We practice a hands-on approach where we engage users not just with the product, but with the entire process, ensuring that we are answering the right why before moving on to the what.

Meaningful Devices

We believe that the future of technology is to empower humanity. It should help us to identify and reach our life goals, to deepen our relationships with others and with ourselves, and it should help us to understand who we have been, who we are and who we want to be. We call this Designing for Meaningfulness.

Strategic Sparring

We are members of advisory boards, we jury startup competitions and help to mentor businesses and individuals and are a jury member for the Danish Design Awards. We’ve worked with a wide variety of companies and are here to help you find your way and create realistic strategies for the future.

We’re ready to tackle your challenge, discover opportunities, and answer burning questions.