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Apply today to challenge the status-quo in your systems, products, processes, and mindset.

As part of the Designer in Residence Program you will push past your daily operations to focus on your innovation roadmap by incorporating new ideas, technologies, and approaches to doing business.

The future is highly complex with many unknowns, and with a Designer in Residence, you can navigate and plan for your future, using our proven methodologies to build a sustainable profile as a thought leader in your field. 

Can my company be considered for the Designer in Residence program?

We accept companies who are interested in challenging their processes, products or services, and who are willing to prototype potential futures. These might include companies interested in developing new technologies within health, fitness, wellness, or consumer facing devices; innovation tanks who need to take their own medicine; large companies who are finding it difficult to embrace innovation and innovate; companies who want to engage employees in design thinking methodologies; and companies who want to begin developing for the far-future (50, 100 or 200 years from now) today. We accept future thought leaders.

Facilitation prototyping design thinking

You're busy, so we facilitate the process.

We ensure that time is used effectively to minimize your resource expenditure. Utilizing cutting-edge research and design practices, we work with your team to inspire new thinking, influence your company culture and prototype your company’s future.

art prototype led wall interactive

Inspired by Artist in Residence Programs

This concept is inspired by “Artist in Residence” programs such as those at Microsoft Research which explore areas such as AI, embedded sensor technologies, emotion / affective computing, or computer vision; or those at V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) where they focus on collaborations with scholars, artists, designers and makers to explore new ways of “studying, displaying and accessibly storing its collections.”.

What you get as part of the Designer in Residence Program:

2-3 days spent in the office or online with your team - creating a culture of innovation and design thinking

Collaboration with stakeholders to understand and map challenges and constraints.

1-2 days spent off-site in FabLabs or research labs working on prototypes and gaining new knowledge

Weekly inspiration, knowledge sharing, and design thinking training sessions with team members

Presentation and discussion of reports (1 per month) focusing on emerging trends, technologies and design methodologies

3 Prototypes produced (early mockup, mid-level explorative and functional, and “final” demonstrative prototype).

Case Study co-written with the company and produced as a 90 second promotional video, and downloadable PDF

Access to our Alumni Network, joining other industry thought leaders who have graduated from the program

Apply for the Designer in Residence Program: