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Femtech is technology for women – for every phase of life: menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, menopause and female-specific diseases and complications. There is a significant need to innovate in this area and at Kintsugi Design we blend our signature “Designing for Meaningfulness” with a deep understanding of technology, specifically hardware, to create new, innovative and desirable femtech products which actually help people to live a better life.

Since femtech is still an emerging market, it is important to understand the history, the landscape and where innovations are happening, and which opportunities exist in order to best reach a target audience with products or services that matter to them. Dr. Vanessa Julia Carpenter, who has been specializing in researching this market and especially menopause technologies offers three core services:

  1. Presentation: An overview of femtech and menopause tech
  2. Protoyping: Early, iterative prototypes of femtech to explore new concepts
  3. Design: Researching and understanding the key target market – not “women” but women of a specific age, people with uteruses (or without!), those seeking a medical device or a lifestyle devices, and more.

Designing new femtech devices requires a thoughtful approach – women are the key purchasers in most households and as new generations of women come into buying power, they are demanding technology that serves their needs. Kintsugi Design can help to prototype and build this.

Here’s a few examples of our femtech services:

Full or half day workshops on what is femtech and how can you get into this space

Evaluation and sparring around your femtech product

Femtech for investors: the landscape and opportunities

Menopause tech: An introduction presentation and optional workshop

Ideation - New Product or Service concept development with a lens of femtech or menopause tech

Femtech: An episode on TechTopia

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CEO, Danish Museum for Science and Technology

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