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We believe that the future of technology is to empower humanity. It should help us to identify and reach our life goals, to deepen our relationships with others and with ourselves, and it should help us to understand who we have been, who we are and who we want to be. We call this Designing for Meaningfulness. Dr. Vanessa Julia Carpenter completed a PhD on this subject in industry, working with design and technology agencies.

Designing for Meaningfulness has been used by design companies, companies developing new smart products and medical devices, and has been presented in over 25 workshops, talks and seminars.

The research includes both a value based investigation of the Mechanics (value based parameters) and Manifestations (physical qualities) of Meaningfulness. These are starting points for ideating and evaluating products or services in terms of designing for three scenarios:

  1. People-to-people connections
  2. A person to their sense-of-self
  3. People-to-time

Designing for Meaningfulness is one of the core practices of Kintsugi Design – we approach all of our projects from this perspective.

Here’s a few examples of our Designing for Meaningfulness (DFM™) services:

Full or half day workshops evaluating aspects of meaningfulness

Evaluation and sparring around your product's meaningfulness in users' lives

Manifestations of Meaningfulness: Analysis of physical characteristics

Mechanics of Meaningfulness: Analysis of Value-based characteristics

Ideation - New Product or Service concept development with a lens of DFM™

Established product / service review and recommendations for market validation with DFM™

Designing for Meaningfulness

Fibo: The Pregnancy Wearable

Meaningful Careers

Meaningfulness Workshop at Tech Fest

"An expert in extracting and uncovering meaningful user needs, fixing a world filled with tech products that almost immediately get replaced after they hit the store shelves."

Johan Pedersen
Smart Home & Consumer IoT at Silicon Labs

"An ideal mind-set for developing tomorrow's solutions for society and individuals."

Jesper Buris Larsen
CEO, Danish Museum for Science and Technology

"Absolutely brilliant, informative, clear, insightful and holistic!".

Noé Bhandari
Fabrication Specialist at SPACE10
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