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Many people have been attributed with stating that the way to predict the future is to create it. At Kintsugi Design, we work with industry, academia and the art world to experiment with future technologies by building functional prototypes. We understand these future technologies and we design experiences around them to positively impact people and society.

What do we mean by Prototyping? We mean we build to think – we learn by doing, we talk less, and do more.

  • From low fidelity (paper, on-screen, diagrams) to higher fidelity (3D Prints, Laser Cut, CNC)
  • Prototyping new processes and methodologies
  • We use body storming and role playing
  • Building early mockups whether technology or service focused
  • We prototype IN context, as much as possible to learn early on how real people react and use a product or service
  • We iterate – we make a minimum of two prototypes – early mockups which inform the direction we’re heading next

Here’s a few examples of our prototyping and technology services:

  • Building functional prototypes
  • Teaching a prototyping mindset to your organization
  • Exploring and experimenting with future technologies (AI, AR, Lidar…)
  • Exploring sensors and actuators
  • Designing the next generation of your product

Curious about prototyping, technology or have a challenge? Get in touch here.

We’re here to answer your questions, and help you develop a prototyping mindset. Maybe you just need a prototype built, no problem, we do that too. And we specialize in hardware prototyping and developing, evaluating and exploring prototypes in context with users – real prototypes, real people, real problems, real solutions.

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"An expert in extracting and uncovering meaningful user needs, fixing a world filled with tech products that almost immediately get replaced after they hit the store shelves."

Johan Pedersen
Smart Home & Consumer IoT at Silicon Labs

"An ideal mind-set for developing tomorrow's solutions for society and individuals."

Jesper Buris Larsen
CEO, Danish Museum for Science and Technology

"Absolutely brilliant, informative, clear, insightful and holistic!".

Noé Bhandari
Fabrication Specialist at SPACE10
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